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01-06-99 As a clinical scientist and a certified nutritionist, I probably would have never tried Calorad¨ if it had not been recommended to me by my best friend, Scott.

01-10-99 Purchased and started using Calorad¨ for the first time.

01-17-99 Day 7 - Weight loss ...4 lbs.

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03-03-99 My wife, who previously suffered from frequent and rather severe bouts of insomnia, now 'sleeps like a baby.'

04-07-99 My teenage son and daughter also start to use the product and experience similar weight loss and muscle toning.

05-11-99 My sister loses 10 pounds and two dress sizes in three weeks, and she loves the product.

11-07-99 I decide to spread the word online, and establish my nutrition advisor website.

As a clinical scientist, I can truly say that Calorad¨ is one of the best diet products I've ever seen!

In the 4 1/2 years since, we have sold over $1 million dollars of Calorad¨ online, and have seen many great Calorad¨ success stories.

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Serum Uric Acid "Strong Predictor" of Death in Middle-Aged Men

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) Jul 29 - In middle-aged men, elevated serum uric acid levels are a strong and independent predictor of death from cardiovascular disease (CVD) and all causes, according to results of a prospective cohort study published this week in the July 26th Archives of Internal Medicine.

"Despite abundant epidemiologic evidence, the role of elevated serum uric acid level as a cardiovascular risk factor is controversial," Dr. Leo K. Niskanen from Kuopio University in Finland and colleagues write.

They therefore examined the ability of serum uric acid level to predict cardiovascular and all-cause mortality in 1423 middle-aged Finnish men initially free of CVD, cancer and diabetes.

During roughly 12 years of follow up, 157 men died, 55 from cardiovascular causes.

In age-adjusted analyses, men with uric acid levels in the upper third had a > 2.5-fold increased risk of death from CVD and a 1.7-fold higher risk of death from any cause than men with uric acid levels in the lower third.

According to the team, "extensive adjustment for variables commonly associated with gout or metabolic syndrome did not attenuate this association, extending the large body of literature regarding the role of uric acid and CVDs."

Serum uric acid levels "serve as an easily available and inexpensive risk marker," they note. "But whether its relationship to cardiovascular events is circumstantial or causal remains to be answered." The mechanism behind the association also remains to be clarified.

Arch Intern Med 2004;164:1546-1551.

Does vasectomy increase the risk of atherosclerosis?

J Cardiovasc Med. 1980 Nov 15;5(11):999-1002.

Clarkson TB, Alexander NJ.

PIP: The work that stimulated a series of experiments, conducted to determine the relationship between vasectomy and atherosclerosis in nonhuman primates, is summarized along with results in 2 nonhuman primate species. Attention is directed to the following: immunologic injury and atherosclerosis; immunologic responses to vasectomy; effects of atherogenic diet and vasectomy; and the effects of vasectomy alone. Using rabbits as the animal model, early workers found that inducing both immunologic serum sickness and hyperlipoproteinemia caused more extensive atherosclerosis than did hyperlipoproteinemia alone and that the resulting lesions more closely resembled those of human beings in both morphologic characteristics and anatomic location. The mechanism by which immunologic injury exacerbates atherosclerosis still remains unclear, but studies focusing on injury to the vascular endothelium as an important mechanism in atherogenesis are currently of considerable interest. Sperm agglutination, sperm immobilization, and immunofluorescence have all been used to demonstrate circulating free antisperm antibodies after vasectomy. Such antibodies occur in about 50% of vasectomized men and in vasectomized males of several animal species. It is unclear why circulating free antisperm antibodies have not been found in all vasectomized men and male animals. The development of an antibody response to sperm antigen in vasectomized rhesus monkeys has been shown to correlate with high sperm counts before vasectomy and similar observations have been made in studies of men. Results in nonhuman primate species showed that vasectomized monkeys developed more extensive and severe atherosclerosis than did nonvasectomized monkeys of the same age and dietary history. In 2 species of monkeys, the effect of vasectomy on atherogenesis seemed to be present whether the animals were hyperlipoproteinemic or had plasma lipid concentrations in the normal range. The presumed mechanism of atherosclerosis exacerbation is persistent antibody production after vasectomy in response to sperm antigens. The continuing leakage of soluble sperm antigens favors antigenemia and the development of circulating immune complexes, which in turn damage the vascular endothelium. The exact mechanism remains unclear. The accumulated data to show that vasectomy is a risk factor for atherosclerosis in 2 species of nonhuman primates.

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