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01-06-99 As a clinical scientist and a certified nutritionist, I probably would have never tried Calorad® if it had not been recommended to me by my best friend, Scott.

01-10-99 Purchased and started using Calorad® for the first time.

01-17-99 Day 7 - Weight loss ...4 lbs.

01-24-99 Day 14 - I lose 4 more lbs and decide to become a distributor!

02-10-99 Day 30 - I finish my first bottle and lose .. another 4 lbs for a total of 12 pounds!

02-10-99 Day 30 I have lost almost 12 pounds and over two and a half inches off my waist within my first four weeks on Calorad®.

02-10-99 Day 30 My wife, Lynn, loses three pounds and a total of five inches in the same time period.

02-24-99 Six weeks on the product. I experience increased energy, improved sleep, and several lipofuscin deposits (age spots) on my hands recede and totally disappear.

03-03-99 My wife, who previously suffered from frequent and rather severe bouts of insomnia, now 'sleeps like a baby.'

04-07-99 My teenage son and daughter also start to use the product and experience similar weight loss and muscle toning.

05-11-99 My sister loses 10 pounds and two dress sizes in three weeks, and she loves the product.

11-07-99 I decide to spread the word online, and establish my nutrition advisor website.

As a clinical scientist with a doctorate in nutrition, I can truly say that Calorad® is one of the best diet products I've ever seen!

In the 4 1/2 years since, we have sold over $1 million dollars of Calorad® online, and have seen many great Calorad® success stories.

Sincerely, Dr. Steven Petrosino, Ph.D. (nutrition)

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292 Adrien Patenaude
Vaudreuil-Dorion, QC
Canada J7V 5V5
Telephone: 450-424-9992
Facsimile: 450-424-9993
Email: info@immunotec.com
Website: http://www.immunotec.com
Chuck Roberts
Immunotec Research is a leading manufacturer and distributer of quality and innovative health-promoting products.

Immunotec combines rigorous science and business acumen, to deliver a line of dietary supplements, diet aid and related products that contribute to health, vitality and overall wellbeing.

Research leader in the field of milk science
Published clinical research with flagship product Immunocal (HMS 90). Most recently; Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC) and Gluthathione Modulation in Cancer Treatment Anticancer Research International Journal of Cancer Research and Treatment) Distributes products to more than 20 countries around the world Immunotec’s groundbreaking innovations have resulted in numerous patents in North America and around the world Immunocal was highlighted at the World Conference on AIDS in 1998 2003 was named one of the top 10 fastest growing companies in Quebec

Ownership: Private
Sales Volume: $50 - 100 million
R&D Expenditures: $500,001 - $1 Million
Employees: 45
Facilities: 32,000 sq. foot head office, Canadian warehousing and shipping center in Vaudreuil-Dorion, QC
Trade: Exporting
Total Exports: $10 - 50 million
Percentage of Sales Exported: 25 - 49.9%
Key Alliances:
Glanbia Nutritionals
Magistral Biotech Inc.
Advitech Solutions Inc.

Chuck Roberts is one of the founding forces of Immunotec. Chuck became Immunotec’s President in 1996, when his company joined forces with Immunotec Research Corp., which had 10 years’ expertise in research on health-promoting products, to form Immunotec Research Ltd.

Immunotec’s products are distributed throughout Canada and the U.S. through their direct selling division as well as through their medical subsidiary.

At Immunotec, research is paramount. Eighteen years of research underlie its flagship product Immunocal or HMS 90 as it is called in Canada. Immunotec’s research achievements are testament to their commitment to furthering health research and to tuning the results of that research into products that promote health and wellbeing in the people who use them.

At Immunotec, there is a continuing focus on research and product development. Primarily, the R & D department is mandated to develop clinical trials that support Immunotec’s global business strategy and validate its industry defining products. It also provides an information interface between its sales force and the medical community, outlining both the therapeutic and prophylactic properties of Immunocal (HMS 90).

Product enhancements, as well as studies on its efficacy in various conditions through actual clinical research are landmarks of Immunotec. An ongoing thrust in new product development is also key to the company.

Source: Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, (AAFC) online
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Dublin, OH 43017



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