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Aroma Patch is a new FDA compliant aromatherapy patch for use as part of your dietary management and weight loss program. Aroma Patch works through the sense of smell and is a device that will act as a constant reminder to help you eat more sensibly. Aroma Patches cost LESS than other weight loss patches, yet work as well. Aroma patches are NOT transdermal. NOTHING is absorbed into your body. No chemicals. No stimulants.

The Aroma Patch Weightloss Patch was featured on "The Doctors TV Show" on May 25th, 2010.


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How do Aroma Patches work? The aroma of certain foods, such as sweets and chocolate can stimulate a powerful desire, even craving. By forming an association between a specific smell and a desire to manage your food intake, you can learn to eat healthy foods and gain control of your weight.

Aroma Patches are the new health scent-sation just released on the American market. Using the highest quality essential oils available, the Aroma Patches were created to promote health and wellness without any side-effects as is the case with many diet patches. Aroma Patches work through the sense of smell and are totally safe and natural. Enjoy the natural benefits of Aromatherapy the healthy, simple, fun way!

Price: $22.95
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