The Journal of Infectious Diseases, 144: 281, 1981

Influence Of Dietary Lactalbumin Hydrolysate On The Immune System Of Mice And Resistance To Salmonellosis

G. Bounous, M.M. Stevenson*, P.A.L. Kongshavn†

Centre hospitalier universitaire, Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada; *Montreal General Hospital Research Institute and †McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

ABSTRACT - In the present study we investigated the effect of four weeks of treatment with a diet containing lactalbumin hydrolysate (LAH: Nestlé, Vevey, Switzerland) on the immune response of C3H/HeN mice. Our data indicate that it was possible to increase the level of this type of protein in the diet above the minimum requirement (12% LAH) and thus produce augmented humoral immune responsiveness and resistance to salmonellosis.

Lactalbumin = Whey Protein Concentrate