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  • Agrisept

    Looking for an effective candida cleanse?

    Do you need a simple way of getting rid of parasites?

Agrisept is an all-natural, non-toxic supplement that acts on the inhibitors of weight-loss such as molds, candida albicans (yeast), influenza virus, bacteria, and parasites.

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Maintain your body’s flora and fungus balance for an overall sense of wellness every day!

Agrisept-L can be used to alleviate:

Candida Overgrowth





Sore Throats


Insect Bites, Acne, Warts

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Athlete’s foot

Diarrhea and Turista

Other Uses for Agrisept

Liver and pancreas detox

Facial cleanser to prevent acne

Disinfectant for fruits and vegetables

All-purpose cleaner

Articles and Resources

Want to learn more about nurturing and fortifying your system with Agrisept-L? click here.

What Our Clients Are Saying

  • This really works if you need a parasite cleanse. I had looked at several other options on the market but ended up going with this and glad I did.
    Esther M.
  • I was at the point where I was losing hope that something could deal with my candida issues. So happy to have found this!
    Daniel H.
  • Great cleaner for fruits and veggies. I wanted something natural and came across this. Use it all the time! Thanks Dr. Petrisino for the great resources. I am learning so much!
    Melody V.

Join thousands of others who are using Agrisept-L to recover more quickly from common ailments or fight them off altogether.