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  • Aroma Patch

    Are you frustrated about falling off the wagon... again?

    Stick to your diet and exercise program with the help of the Aroma Patch.

Smell is one of our strongest senses and is closely related to taste and emotions. By forming an association between a specific smell (tropical vanilla) and a desire to manage your food intake, you can learn to eat healthy foods and regain control of your weight.

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Aroma Patch

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What Our Clients Are Saying

  • I have noticed less cravings. Combined with exercise and drinking lots of water this seems to be working!
    Jayson C.
  • I thought smelling something sweet would make me want more sweets but this actually works for me. I am eating healthier. Surprised as I had my doubts!
    Cindy F.

Join thousands of others who are now experiencing weight-loss support thanks to the Aroma Patch.