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Neumi NutriSwish

Lowest Price Guarantee!

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Neumi NutriSwish 10 oz bottle Volume Pricing:

1 bottle: $57.60
2 bottles $56.60 each
3 bottles $55.60 each
4+ bottles $54.60 each


Neumi NutriSwish helps glutathione get directly into the cell where it needs to be. Neumi inc, the manufacturer of NutriSwish uses a proprietary HydraStat technology (which involves breaking up large glutathione complexes into individual glutathione molecules and coating them with ultra-pure water).

The Neumi product testimonials on improved health and energy are amazing. Try Neumi today and see for yourself!

How Does Neumi NutriSwish Work?


Hydrostat Technology: This process is called nano-sizing and involves reducing the active ingredients to nanoparticle sizes that easily pass into our cells and become bioavailable within seconds by oral “swishing” for thirty seconds or longer and then swallowing. Fragile ingredients like Glutathione have been expensive to get into the bloodstream (you may have heard about expensive intravenous infusions of glutathione) - until now. With Neumi NutriSwish technology, glutathione and other key ingredients are affordable and readily available to our bodies.

DISCLAIMER: Like all nutritional supplements, no disease treatment claims can be made regarding this product. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, mitigate, or cure any disease.

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Great product at a great price. And they don’t charge tax!

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Love this product

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