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Dr Steven Petrosino

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Dr. Steven Petrosino PhD, LtCol USMC

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Since 1994, LtCol Steven Petrosino, USMC (retired), has worked in the pharmaceutical industry as both a clinical scientist and pharmaceutical consultant. These roles have helped give him a unique perspective and balance on both traditional allopathic medicine (drug and surgical therapy) and nutritional preventive medicine.

Dr. Petrosino’s vision is to beneficially impact the health of his customers through the highest quality and bio-fortifying supplements.

What Our Clients Are Saying

  • If it wasn't for Dr. Petrosino I wouldn’t have understood the role glutathione plays in our bodies.
    Peniel S.
  • I have 4 kids. Making sure they are healthy and their immune system is strong is so important to our family. Having access to these supplements at great pricing helps us stay safe and gives us peace of mind.
    Sarah E.
  • For years I have had trouble sleeping and always woke up feeling tired. Thanks to Laminine the dark circles and bags under my eyes are disappearing and I have more energy.
    Jason B.