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Working with a Nutrition Advisor can help you achieve your health goals. A credentialed Nutrition Advisor has undergone an intense program of health and nutrition study and can create a personalized plan that takes into account your individual needs, body type, health history, and lifestyle. If you're tired of trying things that don't work, starting and quitting over and over again, or just don't know where to start, one of our Nutrition Advisors can provide the support and guidance you need to reach your goals.  We are in the process of adding Nutrition Advisors to our directory which we launched May 2023. If there is not an advisor currently listed in your area, please contact us directly and we will get you connected.

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Dr Steven Petrosino
Jackie Frederic

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Dr. Steven Petrosino PhD, Lt.Col USMC (Retired)

The Nutritional Supplement Advisor

Since 1987, Lt.Col Steven Petrosino, USMC (retired), has had a long and distinguished career in the pharmaceutical industry as both a clinical scientist and pharmaceutical consultant, retiring in 2022. These roles have helped give him a unique perspective and balance on both traditional allopathic medicine (drug and surgical therapy) and nutritional preventive medicine.  Holistic nutrition is an important part of overall health and wellness, and Dr. Petrosino's team can help people make informed decisions about their health and well-being. If you are considering working with a member of Dr. Petrosino's team of credentialed Nutrition Advisors, it is important to do your research and understand their qualifications and expertise. You should also talk to your personal physician before making any changes to your diet or lifestyle. 

Dr. Petrosino’s vision is to create a nationwide team of credentialed nutrition experts to beneficially impact the health of our clients and customers through an emphasis on holistic nutrition expertise. That vision resides here.

Jackie Frederick, Lt.Col. USAF, Retired (Pictured) works alongside Dr. Petrosino, also carrying a passion for health, based out of her frustration in finding effective treatment for husband's and her own medical issues.

What Our Clients Are Saying

  • If it wasn't for Dr. Petrosino I wouldn’t have understood the role glutathione plays in our bodies.
    Peniel S.
  • I have 4 kids. Making sure they are healthy and their immune system is strong is so important to our family. Having access to these supplements at great pricing helps us stay safe and gives us peace of mind.
    Sarah E.
  • For years I have had trouble sleeping and always woke up feeling tired. Thanks to Laminine the dark circles and bags under my eyes are disappearing and I have more energy.
    Jason B.